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    Why Our Solution?

Digital Surveillance Systems LLC have been building and marketing robust, scaleable and in demand products that have shown our ability to predict and adapt to emerging markets.

The following are just some of the many reasons to choose a solution from a proven industry leader like Digital Surveillance Systems LLC :

  • Based on industry metrics we have one of the highest Customer Satisfactions and referral rates with 50% of our business from repeat customers and 25% from our Agents.

  • In this highly competitive marketplace your solutions must be distinguishable from the competition that is simply connecting points. The networks of tomorrow are going to be based on highly customizable enhanced services and value added applications.

  • Customers want a solution that can scale and grow with their operation

  • The products we offer have received great market reception because they are built upon empowering our customers’ security. Self-service is a large focus of our product development that translates into reduced administrative and customer management costs as well as greater end-user convenience

  • We deliver solutions and build partnerships for the future.


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