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Turnkey is a term frequently used in conjunction with complex security projects. To apply the above definition to that of a security installation, it means that every aspect of a security project will be planned and executed to the exact specifications of the customer, but without the customer's involvement. Turnkey means that the customer can continue to focus on running their business, and rely upon their vendor to operate as an extension of their company

Turnkey Reality

One of the most important aspects of selecting a vendor for a turnkey security solution is that of trust. A company that elects to source a turnkey security solution is not only divesting itself of the multitude of project management tasks, but is also investing heavily in the ability of the vendor to deliver in a manner that meets or exceeds the specifications and expectations for the project. By electing to accomplish a project using a turnkey strategy, a company must identify a security vendor with a successful record of turnkey projects; a vendor whom they can trust

DSS has planned and executed turnkey security solutions on all sizes of projects, ranging from small, standalone single building intrusion detection systems to those covering a corporate campus with multiple CCTV, intrusion and fire alarm systems that integrate with corporate LAN / WAN networks. Our customers also cover the full spectrum of corporate America, from small startup companies to Fortune 100 conglomerates

One of our primary motivators for delivering turnkey security solutions is our commitment to making our customers successful. Our experience has shown us that when DSS installs and executes a turnkey projects, our customers have been able to keep their resources focused on the business of running their companies

Few companies truly have the breadth of knowledge, expertise of skills and infrastructure depth to successfully offer and deliver turnkey security solutions. DSS can not only successfully execute on these projects, but also has demonstrated our capabilities with hundreds of successful turnkey installations. Using only our staff of knowledgeable and experienced installation professionals, DSS can reliably assess, plan and deliver turnkey security solutions of any scope


In the initial stages of a project, DSS will assign one of our Project Managers to oversee and control all tasks. The Project Manager will be the sole point of contact for the customer as well as any third party representatives for the security installation.

The first step in delivering a turnkey security solution is the careful analysis of the customer's Security Criteria. If there is no Security Criteria, DSS can aid the customer in developing one. The Security Criteria is a highly specific roadmap that details the customer's security goals and objectives, the strategic plan that will posture the customer to achieve those goals and objectives and the tactical plan to implement solutions

A thorough study and understanding of the Security Criteria will allow DSS project managers to begin the Construction Analysis, acquiring all of the related and supporting drawings and documentation for the project. Analyzing architectural drawings, reviewing zoning regulations and studying regional and local industrial and permitting regulations are all part of the Construction Analysis. The Construction Analysis process will yield a blueprint for the security installation

DSS Project Engineers will develop a detailed project engineering plan. This plan will include all of the drawings necessary to do work, a complete materials plan for the project and ancillary items such as tool and equipment requirements. Most importantly, a comprehensive project management list of hierarchical tasks and milestones will be developed that will guide the Project Manager in the execution of the project


The DSS Project Manager will directly control all aspects of the security system installation, including interfacing with other General Contractors and permitting authorities, overseeing installation teams, coordinating with DSS Shipping for product deliveries and the maintenance of web-published project management tools

In all projects, unforeseen events and issues outside the control of the Project Manager will attempt to impact the project. DSS Project Managers are chosen in part for their problem solving abilities and negotiation skills. Regardless of the nature of the issue, the Project Manager will insure that problems are solved, their impact is mitigated and the interests of the customer remain as the first priority

A turnkey installation is not complete until the security system is fully operational and completely implemented by the customer's users and managers. DSS will maintain a presence at the customer's site until not only the customer is satisfied, but until DSS's assessment of the implemented solutions have successfully met the Security Criteria requirements


No installation can be successful without the proper training of customer personnel to operate, maintain and manage the systems when they are brought on line. DSS develops and configures each set of curriculums to meet the needs of the customer. From end user training to senior security staff training, DSS will insure that a customer's staff is ready and able to commence operations before the security system installation is complete.


Once the facility's security solution has been implemented and is fully operational, DSS's involvement continues, insuring that the security system and the customer's staff are operating optimally. It is important to verify that users are well versed and comfortable in the system's operation and that managers and security officers have developed an understanding of the practical applications of the technology. For as long as is necessary, DSS professionals will provide guidance and assistance with every facet of the operational aspects of the customer's Security Criteria.

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