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Training DSS's customers range from sole-proprietorships to juggernauts of the corporate world. Throughout these organizations is a breadth of personnel that bridges the full spectrum of knowledge of security systems, technology, security protocols and security tactics and procedures.

DSS's course curriculums provide a source of continuing education for security personnel: both technical and non-technical, from operators to senior management. Courses can be directed either at users and practitioners or at corporate trainers. Our customers rely on DSS to provide state-of-the-art information that will educate, facilitate and enable their employees to deliver programs and strategies that support each company's Security Criteria.

It is part of DSS's product neutral strategy that training curriculums are available for non-DSS security systems. With classes ranging from introductory to advanced, DSS can insure that employees are trained and well versed on the operational aspects of CCTV, Access Control, Intrusion Detection and Fire Detection systems from all of the major manufacturers.

Training programs and curriculums are developed specifically to meet each individual customer's goals and objectives. Classes are conducted with the aid of multimedia and printed materials in a manner that insures rapid comprehension by a broad range of learning styles. DSS instructors are experts in the field that they are teaching, bringing depth and real-world experience to their subjects.

Courses are taught either at DSS's regional centers or at customers' sites. Classes can be focused either on a single individual or be tuned for the group class environment, depending upon the customer's requirements.

Most course curriculums fall into three basic genres: Security systems operation and administration; Security strategies and tactics, including certification courses; and Security Strategic Planning and Criteria.

Some of the classes that have been developed for customers include:

  • End Users Introduction To Digital Video Servers

  • An Overview Digital Video Server Technology

  • Advanced Configuration And Administration Of Digital Video Servers

  • Security Officer Certification Training

  • Implementing And Operating Passive & Active Access Control Systems

  • Corporate Security Criteria Development And Implementation

  • Secure Integration Of Digital Video Server Technology Into A Corporate LAN / Wan Matrix

  • Managing A Crisis

  • Monitoring Traffic Patterns And Promotion Metrics In A Retail Environment

  • Developing Measured Responses To Intrusion Detection Alarms

  • Creating Employee Training And Awareness Programs Utilizing CCTV Surveillance Technology

  • Data Theft Protection For LP Managers
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