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Evaluation and Assessment

DSS security consultants can develop and provide companies with an assessment of their current security capabilities on both a strategic and tactical basis. This assessment will examine the current corporate and management philosophies and their impact on security functions. Security strategies, technologies, policies and procedures will also be reviewed for efficacy and practicality.

The corporate culture of a customer will be assessed to determine where it supports or undermines the various elements of implemented strategies. Subcultures may also exist within departmental organizations which must be illuminated. These subcultures can often cause widely varying effectiveness of a company's current security standards.

The evaluation of a company's security effectiveness must then be matched against a company's threat assessment and lost benefits analysis. Practical threats, both likely and unlikely are weighed against the current security measures and their probability for mitigating or negating those threats. Benefits lost due to obsolete technologies that are employed or gaps in the current strategies are highlighted. Both the threats assessment and the lost benefits analysis are assigned costs and probabilities, allowing a definitive conclusion to be reached summarizing the company's current security posture.

Security Criteria Development

A written Security Criteria should be an essential component of every company's business plan. The Security Criteria's absence or effective presence can have far reaching effects on a company's overall performance and profitability. DSS's security consultants can aid and guide companies in the formation of this very crucial document.

The Security Criteria should be a highly specific document that details the customer's security goals and objectives, and a roadmap of the steps necessary to progress through the logical phases to reach those goals. The Security Criteria should begin with the key elements of the company's security Evaluation and Assessment, giving weight to each element as appropriate.

Goals and objectives that clearly and conclusively respond to the Evaluation and Assessment document must be established and delineated in the Security Criteria. These goals and objectives should include designed-in redundancies and overlapping responsibilities that reduce the likelihood of both probable and improbable events. Next, a comprehensive strategic plan for achieving the stated goals and objectives would then be created. The strategic plan will layout the broad elements required to achieve the goals and objectives, and include an implementation sequence of events.

The last and final element of a Security Criteria is the tactical plan that must be accomplished to enable the customer to support the strategic plan and achieve their goals and objectives. The tactical plan lays down a basic timeline for accomplishing these relatively detailed tasks, and assigns responsibilities to specific organizations and individuals for accomplishing them.

Integrated Systems

DSS security consultants can examine a company's embedded or planned systems and databases, evaluating the benefits of integrating the systems with DSS equipment. As in many synergistic relationships, the benefits of integrating systems is typically far in excess of the sum of the benefits of each individual system.

In most instances, the true benefits of integrating systems are fully realized when a data analysis component is added. DSS's proprietary Data Mining analysis tools use highly advanced algorithms and technologies to create relationships between previously unrelated events. These powerful analysis capabilities provide security officers and investigators with highly effective new tools to solve crimes and reduce criminal behavior.


The most powerful of security technologies can be hampered by a lack of knowledge. Operators and managers of a company's security systems must be well trained and comfortable with the use of security systems, security procedures and security tactics. DSS security consultants conduct training in both a structured classroom environment and at customers' sites in the job setting.

Using the company's Security Criteria as a guide, DSS security consultants deliver custom tailored curriculums and materials that result in high information retention and comprehension levels for students at all levels of experience. Classes and training sessions can be geared to either a group setting or to individual, one-on-one sessions. The security industry is evolving rapidly in both technology applications and security strategies and tactics. DSS professionals are at the forefront of many of these advancements. Whether your company is a small, single facility operation or a multi-state corporation, DSS can provide your security staff and senior managers with state-of-the-art, knowledgeable security consulting.

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