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The most sophisticated and pervasive security system in the world can be rendered ineffective if nobody pays attention to the information that it yields. Comprehensive, professional monitoring services from DSS should be an essential component of every business' security criteria.

One of the most critical components of a monitoring solution is the human component. Most monitoring errors in the industry occur not because of equipment failure, protocol breakdowns or sensor malfunction. The number one security industry weak link in the monitoring chain is the monitoring staff.

The staff at DSS's monitoring facility is composed of experienced, trained security professionals. They not only excel at rapid, effective reactions within structured response protocols, our monitoring staff also has a significant background in field work. In short, they know first hand the broad range of situations that can occur in a facility. They have the experience to temper their responses to alarms with caution and safety for the customers' premises and personnel as their primary concern while applying an element of common sense that only seasoned security professionals will have.

DSS's monitoring services provide around the clock coverage of your facilities with intelligent, efficient security assessments of alarms and conditions. Our monitoring center security professionals react to alarm notifications from your business immediately, developing a threat assessment that takes multiple factors into account:

  • Does the alarm area in question have video surveillance in place and if so, what information does the Digital Video Recorder yield?

  • Is the alarm from a single sensor or has it been generated by multiple sensors in a logical progression?

  • Are there prevailing conditions in the area that could contribute to an alarm trigger such as public events, weather or nearby construction?

  • Does your facility have special conditions that should be considered such as a HAZMAT environment?

Has your company scheduled any unusual evolutions within your facilities that need to be taken factored in, such as late night physical inventory teams or remodeling / remerchandising efforts?

These and a hundred other permutations of common or unique scenarios can and should effect the response of the monitoring team to an alarm trigger. Even the most sophisticated of security systems and sensors can generate a false alarm. Intelligent monitoring by DSS will minimize the processing of false alarms and the resulting response of dispatching personnel.

The alarm response guideline that our monitoring professionals use is a highly detailed Response Matrix is jointly developed by DSS security professionals and our customers for each individual facility that is being monitored. The Response Matrix blends the detailed knowledge of our customers' managers with the security expertise of DSS monitoring center managers. The results of this collaboration are:

  • Fewer false alarms.

  • Closer communication with site managers and security personnel.

  • A blueprint for facility monitoring that provides monitoring professionals with an in-depth understanding of the premises and a structured decision tree for initiating responses.

  • A significantly higher level of confidence for the facility's management in the validity and quality of DSS's monitoring service over traditional industry monitoring offerings.

DSS offers a wide variety of monitoring options that can be tailored to the individual needs of each facility. Customers can choose between Passive Monitoring for standard facility security coverage and Active Monitoring for a continuous surveillance solution. Active Monitoring can occur on a 24/7 basis or on a schedule determined by the customer. Secure strategies for facility openings and closings can be controlled and executed at DSS's monitoring center. These strategies can significantly improve the overall security of a facility with only a nominal increase in monitoring costs. Some of these strategies include:

  • Password control for openings and closings, requiring a redundant user voice password verification in addition to keypad based access codes.

  • Partition specific user access controls, restricting which personnel have access to specific areas.

  • Supervised openings and closings, requiring actions to occur within specified timeframes.

DSS can also provide a wide variety of system reports which will allow managers and LP personnel to review activities over any given time period. System reports can be tailored to list any particular type of event or range of events. Customers may elect to have reports delivered on a regular basis or only on an as-requested basis.

From seasoned and trained monitoring professionals and a comprehensive, custom tailored Response Matrix to the broadest range of security options and reporting mechanisms, DSS provides the finest in facility security system monitoring services.

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