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The installation of security equipment is one of the most crucial steps towards insuring that customers have an effective and reliable security solution. A security system installation is typically a complex and multifaceted project, beginning long before the first installation specialist sets foot on the project site.

Every aspect of the installation of the security system is controlled by DSS Project Managers. When customers have questions or need information about any aspect of their security system installation, they only have to contact one person: their DSS Project Manager.

Construction Analysis

Planning an installation begins with the DSS Project Manager performing a very thorough review of the facility's Security Criteria. This Criteria will reflect not only the facility layout, but also the geographic location, community culture and facility management. All of these considerations must be translated into a physical reality.

The Construction Analysis process acquires all necessary drawings and data files for the project, obtains regulatory and permitting information from regional agencies, and analyzes all local construction code requirements. Every factor that can affect the installation of the security system is carefully scrutinized and noted for its relevance.

Project Engineering

DSS Project Engineers are experienced with new construction, remodel and upgrade projects, and are quickly able to assess the quality and overall accuracy of newly received documentation. Thoroughly reviewing the drawings, notes and related documentation, our Project Engineers distill the information relevant to the security system installation and add pertinent notes to documentation that will guide them through the design process.

Complete CAD

All of the major industry standard CAD software programs are in residence at DSS, enabling engineers and project managers to perform advanced levels of design. Drawings are stripped, as appropriate, of layers and information that are unnecessary to the security system installation. Drawings are then amended with the layout of all of the elements of the security system.

General Contractors and Subcontractors

Identifying and selecting a General Contractor to perform an installation is fraught with uncertainty and bolstered with assumptions. That's why DSS has chosen to be its own General Contractor.

Additionally, DSS partners with and utilizes only highly trained and experienced personnel for security system installations. Our commitment to quality, insuring exemplary customer service and delivering projects on time and within budgets will not be compromised.

Every member of an installation team is a professional installer who has passed a rigorous background check, has had skill set testing and has received training on the DSS workmanship standards and operation protocols. When it comes to our customers, we leave nothing to chance.


DSS Project Managers not only bring a wealth of practical field experience to each job, but also use the latest in automated project management tools to insure that every last detail is planned and controlled.

As every Project Manager knows, other factors that are beyond their control can sometimes affect a job schedule. DSS selects Project Managers who have demonstrated outstanding problem solving skills, excellent creativity and very strong negotiating skills. What they deliver are solutions. Regardless of the problem or difficulty, the interests of our customers take first priority.

Project Management

The installation of a security system can have a wide range of both timelines and complexity. Regardless of the size of the project, customers are always concerned and want to be kept appraised of progress made, milestones accomplished and upcoming phases to be performed. Utilizing state-of-the-art project management tools combined with DSS innovation, customers can access a secure, password protected website established specifically for their company that provides a live, real-time project status. Any pertinent notes, problems and their resolutions and critical path identification are all available for our customers.

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