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Fire. No other threat carries the weight of this menace. No other breach can be as devastating. No other action can be so permanent. Though security professionals are continuously occupied with reducing the threat of crimes and mitigating their effects, fire is always present as one of their greatest worries. DSS fire detection systems are designed to provide the earliest possible notification of a problem while minimizing the occurrence of false alarms. DSS systems are designed to provide the maximum of secure coverage and protection, yet remain flexible and configurable to suit future changes.

Fire protection systems are designed to be "stand alone" systems without any reliance whatsoever on other security or control systems. Though fire protection systems can be integrated with other systems to support comprehensive data gathering, monitoring and testing scenarios, they are configured to be wholly independent and unencumbered by the other systems. Fire protection systems are composed of three types of equipment: control panels, detection devices and alarm devices.

Control Panels

Fire Alarm Control Panels from DSS are available in a wide range of sizes and capabilities that can suit all types of applications. Our fire alarm control panels are all UL approved for commercial applications.

The fire alarm control panels range from small, two zone panels that support 20 detection devices in each zone up to large fire alarm control panels that have 16 zones supporting a total of 255 addressable devices. Features such as alarm outputs range from as few as two to as many as 58.

Fire alarm control panels have either status LED's, alpha numeric displays or LCD screens to inform operators of alarm, trouble or testing conditions. Many panels come with a battery backup internal system that will continue monitoring uninterrupted during a main power failure. Fire alarm control panels also have up to 100 PIN numbers for user intervention security. Many panels have integrated dialers and alarm notification capabilities, while others are designed to connect to an external notification device.

Detection Devices

DSS detection devices are the first line of defense in a fire protection system. There are many different types of detection devices utilizing several differing technologies. Some of the more common detection devices are:

Photoelectric smoke detectors
Photoelectric heat detectors
Ionization smoke detectors
Infrared beam smoke detectors
Duct smoke detectors

Fixed temperature and rate-of-rise heat detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors
Combustible gas detectors
Ultraviolet flame detectors

Alarm Devices

Alarm devices - or notification appliances - are the essential component for protecting personnel from the dangers of a fire. Alarm devices are typically either visual, audible or both. Selecting the proper alarm devices and placing them in the appropriate location is crucial for protecting personnel in buildings. DSS consultants will insure that the layout and installation of your fire protection system will provide the safest environment possible.

Typical alarm devices are:

High-Candela Strobes
Multi-Candela Strobes
Single-Candela Strobes
Wall-Mount and Ceiling-Mount Horn/Strobes
Motor Bells
Voice Evacuation Systems

Many devices are available in both hard wire and wireless versions, as well as vandal and weatherproof ruggedized models. Contact DSS today for an evaluation of your fire protection needs.


DSS security consultants can provide design and installation services for fire protection systems either as part of a new construction project or in conjunction with a major remodeling effort. For the maintenance and repair of existing fire protection systems, DSS field support teams can provide complete on-site services for these and all other security systems. Our support teams are composed of our own trained and qualified employees without the use of subcontractors.

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