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We maintain and repair digital and analog CCTV recording systems from all of the major manufacturers of surveillance equipment in the world.

We occupy this enviable position because DSS's roots began with the development of state-of-the-art Digital Video Servers, but then migrated over a period of years to a customer-centric business model that delivers product neutral security solutions around the globe. DSS's product neutral business strategy insures that we will continue to recommend the best hardware solutions for our customers, while our R&D and Manufacturing teams will continue develop and deliver the finest CCTV equipment in the industry.

DSS Digital Video Servers

Since their inception and continuing through today, DSS's Digital Video Servers offer the very best in reliability and breadth of features in the security industry while offering the strongest price/performance and ROI ratios available.

From small, budget driven companies to the largest and most demanding of security solutions, DSS's Digital Video Server model line can address all of the surveillance needs of any organization.

Frame capture rates from 1 to 30 pictures per second (PPS) per channel, up to 480 PPS per Digital Video Recorder.
Infinitely scalable number of video input channels from 4 to unlimited per installation.
Synchronized Audio/Video storage from 30 days to custom configurations of more than I year.
Individual, server based camera controls for color, contrast, saturation, hue, motion sensitivity, recording rate, masking and filtering.
Remote capabilities via LAN / WAN / Internet connections that include live viewing, history review and PTZ controls.
Removable data storage solutions including DVD-R, DVD-RW, CDR, CDR-W, DSS Evidence CD and removable hard drives.

VideoBank Software

Powering and controlling some of the most powerful Digital Video Servers in the world is the responsibility of DSS's market leading VideoBank software. Employing a plethora of end user customizable features and controls, VideoBank also places a broad range of post-processing investigative tools at investigators' disposal as well.

VideoBank provides a broad range of sophisticated security features. Password protection incorporates a high level of encrypted infrastructure that allows administrators to control user access and capabilities to a very detailed level. Digital watermarking of video history has a redundant dissimilar verification and validation protocol for admissible video evidence. Watchdog data response verification can enable Auto Restart and Auto Log-In functions to quickly recover in the event of an interruption of service.

The alert strategies in VideoBank insure that managers and LP personnel are notified immediately of incidents as they occur. These strategies include a fully configurable camera pop-up capability that brings a specific camera into the monitor foreground based on predefined event triggers as well as time/date sensitive email and hotline telephone alerts.

VideoBank™ also includes WatchGuard™ a powerful, integrated video keyed relational database for tracking and cataloging administrator defined events. Events can originate from a wide variety of sources, including both internal and external points. Internal events would include any Digital Video Server alarm, system events such as log-in, log-out, reboot, monitoring start/stop, etc. External events would include triggers from other security, point-of-sale and maintenance systems.

VideoBank has the ability to keep a running tally of motion events in a camera's view. Directionally sensitive, a motion sensing mask can be defined for a camera that will then register events in the Video Log database, keeping a tally of "In" and "Out" events and an exact record of when each occurred.

The post processing capabilities of VideoBank are especially useful to Loss Prevention personnel. LP personnel can now define and search for incidents utilizing recorded video. DSS's proprietary video management system allows for fast and accurate reviews of specific motion events that are defined after the fact. This enables security personnel to accomplish the same investigations in minutes that used to take hours.


DSS utilizes a broad range of cameras and lenses in its CCTV installations including DSS cameras along with units from Sony, Pelco and others. Available in overt, semi-covert or fully covert configurations, cameras utilize either a 1/4" or 1/3" format CCD. Many cameras are certified to operate in both indoor and outdoor environments, meeting the rigid certification of IP66 for dust and water penetration resistance.

DSS cameras can support the full spectrum of lenses, including fixed and variable focal lengths as well as zoom. Several models are especially effective in extremely low light environments, while delivering excellent results in normal lighting settings.

DSS CCTV peripherals also include a full range of enclosures, mounts, power supplies and cabling products that can complete and satisfy even the most demanding of security criteria.

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